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All our claims are handled in-house by our experienced claims management team. This ensures you are provided with ready access to both insurers and placing teams​. By working hand-in-hand with our placing teams, all claims can be dealt with promptly and without fuss.

Claims Handling

It is important that exceptions be taken in writing on all receipts upon delivery of the goods, with pictures if at all possible. 

For all claims covered under the cargo policy, prompt reporting of loss or damage is necessary in order to permit the appointment of a surveyor or to take any other action deemed necessary to mitigate the loss.

If loss/damage is suspected, immediate written claim should be issued to all carriers/third parties involved.

Complete documentation must be forwarded to Bannerman Rendell and the surveyor if instructed.

Documentation Should Include:

1) Bills of Lading (all)

2) Packing List

3) Commercial Invoice

4) Original Insurance Certificate (If Applicable)

5) Written Claim Against The Carrier

6) Confirmation Of Non-Delivery Or Carrier Reply If Received

7) Itemized Claim Statement

8) Delivery Receipt

9) Repair / Expense Bills (If Applicable)

Claims Handling

One purpose of insurance is to relieve you of the time and expense involved in pursuing recovery from the party responsible for loss (ie Shipping Line). In this regard underwriters may appoint a recovery agent from the outset.

Underwriters only attain rights of subrogation through claim payment and once a subrogation form has been signed.

Until such time, it is your duty to take all steps necessary to preserve these rights by:

Inspecting Cargo Upon Delivery

Noting Exception

Filing Notice With The Carrier Within Prescribed Time Limits



Richard Murray

Claims Manager

+44 (0)20 77929 3400

Alex McNulty

Personal Accident & Travel

Alexander Bishop

Private Client & High Net Worth

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